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Our learning method

We employ a dynamic and intuitive method for you to get the best learning experience. Principles include: 


Maslowe's Hierarchy
     Bloom Taxonomy of Learning
     Kirkpatrick Model of Learning

Adult Learning

Hands-on experiential
Multi-sensory experience
Self-reflection for self-direction
Opportunities for interactive content
Measures knowledge over time

Benefits Include:

Revisit concepts and find new ways to apply them
Master new techniques to boost self-esteem.
Enhance communication with real-world exercises.
Learn resilience by handling setbacks positively.
Boost decision-making with increased confidence.
We employ a dynamic and intuitive method for you to get the best learning experience. Principles include:

Self-Awareness Tool

Engage in self-awareness to identify, reflect, and enhance your confidence.  

Self-Reflection Check-In

Experience self-reflection so that you develop your awareness.

Practical Application

Apply strategies to boost your confidence effectively and immediately. 

Optimize Performance

Overcome barriers so that you self-actualize and gain true confidence.

Understand true confidence, why it's important, and how to build it.


Rocío Pérez

International Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker
and Leadership Trainer

Rocío Pérez is the creator of the first self-coaching system in the world, The MindShift System®. She is a visionary who understands people are born with everything required to win at the game of life. Her calling is to guide people to reconnect with their ability to bring their dreams into reality.

She is a life-changing speaker who supports people in transforming their lives by owning their power and doing the work. Rocío’s clients have created lives beyond what they
thought was possible.

Rocío founded Víctor Publishing, LLC and Veertuous, LLC. She provides leadership development services to organizations including the Association of Naval Services Officers (ANSO), HLX+, Prospanica, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE), GlobalMindED, and InterNations, to name a few. She is the producer of Fortaleza and The Hispanic Journey. She is the author of UNSTOPPABLE and a contributing author in other global works.

Her story has been highlighted around the world as proof of what is possible despite life's adversities.
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A glimpse of what you will learn in this course

Identify, understand, and gain knowledge to overcome feelings of self-doubt and impostor syndrome. Nurture self-belief, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence, while focusing on turning weaknesses into strengths.
Examine patterns of impostor syndrome such as the Perfectionist, the Superhero, the Expert, the Natural Genius, and the Soloist.
Explore how to cultivate true confidence. Hone unique abilities, create a positive environment, use positive language, maintain good posture, connect with others, and adopt positive affirmations. 


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